We supply everything needed: Tables, Linen, Props, Lighting, Display cases…

Set Up:  We go through every closet, drawer, nook & cranny looking for saleable items, securing all personal effects and disposing of trash. Everything is organized, beautifully displayed and individually priced.

Liquidate:  We hold a 2 - 3 day public sale and normally sell at least 80% of the beginning inventory.  300 - 500 customers attend each sale which is a great benefit if the home is going on the market!

Cost: We work for a percentage of the total sales, normally 35% - 40%. We are paid from the proceeds of the sale therefore you will have no “out of pocket expense” or need for any “up front money”.

Proceeds: You receive a cashier’s check for your percentage of the sales within 3 business days. We include a break down of each days sales, copy of the newspaper advertisement and donation slip.

Courtesy:  We hire an appraiser before every sale to double check our prices. We also offer a “clean out” at the conclusion of the sale both at no cost to you.